SMART-RAIL latest news

Smart-Rail will conclude project with 2 events: ‘Cargo on track’ (12 April 2018) and ‘Shift Freight to Rail'(18 April 2018)

The Smart Rail consortium decided to present the project result to different stakeholders groups and aimed at to events in April: 1: Cargo on Track Planned Thursday 12 April in... Read more

Railway Gazette: Automatic train operation to be tested on Dutch freight corridor

From Railway Gazette 22 January 2018: NETHERLANDS: Automatic Train Operation is to be tested on the Betuwe Route dedicated freight line this year, following the signing of an agreement between... Read more

Innovative Logistic Control Tower for European rail freight transport showing clear added value

The first operational results of the Logistic Control Tower for long distance rail freight transport show clear improvements of the intermodal supply chain. Thanks to better information customer satisfaction and... Read more

Railway Gazette: VTG launches Retrack freight subsidiary

From Railway Gazette 2 November 2017: GERMANY: Hamburg-based leasing and logistics company VTG has created Retrack GmbH & Co KG as a wholly-owned freight operating subsidiary of its VTG Rail... Read more

‘Innovative challenger’ in the German freight market

Railway Gazette: 25 October 2017 GERMANY: Swedish open access freight operator Hector Rail announced plans to establish a standalone business unit in Germany on October 23, saying it sees the... Read more

Longer freight trains to go ahead in Germany

Railway Gazette: 4 October 2017 GERMANY: Planning for the introduction of 740 m long freight trains across the core national network is to be stepped up, following a favourable evaluation... Read more

Lithuan Railways fined 28€m for closing line to obstruct competition

Railway Gazette: 2 October 2017 LITHUANIA: The European Commission had fined national railway Lietuvos Geležinkeliai €27·9m for hindering competition in the rail freight market by dismantling a cross-border line connecting... Read more

Railway Gazette: Rio tinto operates first fully-autonomous test train

Railway Gazette 2 October 2017: AUSTRALIA: Rio Tinto has successfully operated its first fully-autonomous freight train on its iron ore network in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, the company... Read more

Public deliverable 7.6 available!

Project Deliverable 7.6: Monitoring and adjustment of the control tower concept’ is published on the Smart Rail website. Go to the ‘results’ section of this website or follow the link... Read more

Railway Gazette: Vollert devlops VLEX road-rail shunting robot

Railay Gazette: 7 September 2017 SHUNTING: Vollert has developed a compact battery-powered road-rail machine for light shunting of up to 300 tonnes at industrial sites, ports and freight terminals. ‘As... Read more