SMART-RAIL latest news

Australia runs 1250 m long grain train

Interesting article with respect to cost-efficiency point of view! Railway Gazette 14 December 2015 “AUSTRALIA: Southern Shorthaul Railroad and the Australian Rail Track Corp have co-operated to run what they say is... Read more

Three EU Rail Freight Corridors launched

Railway Gazette – 12 November 2015 European Rail Network for Competitive Freight (Map: DB Netz). EUROPE: The Scandinavian–Mediterranean, Baltic–Adriatic and North Sea–Baltic rail freight corridors were officially launched on November... Read more

UK to benefit from extension of RFC North Sea-Mediterranean

Future of Transport website – article by Felicia Gheorgihies Network Rail has announced in a press release that trade links between the UK and mainland Europe will be strengthened as a... Read more

Monitoring tank wagons via satellite

Railway Gazette – 28 October 2015: EUROPE: Chemical supplier SABIC is to equip its fleet of 500 chemical tank wagons with ATEX Ovinto Sat M2M tracking and monitoring systems developed... Read more

Calais opens Modalohr terminal

Railway Gazette – 23 October 2015: FRANCE: A terminal for loading lorry semi-trailers onto Modalohr swing-tray wagons was officially opened at the Port of Calais on October 23. Costing €7m,... Read more

Ministers agree on political pillar of Fourth Railway Package

Railway Gazette website – 8 October 2015 EUROPE: European Union transport ministers reached unanimous agreement on the general approach to the political pillar of the Fourth Railway Package at a... Read more

Launch of new Rotterdam – Burghausen rail shuttle

Port of Rotterdam news: 07 October 2015 Today DB Schenker BTT GmbH will be launching its new rail connection between KombiTerminal Burghausen (KTB) and the port of Rotterdam via the... Read more

Newag to build TSI-compliant multi-system freight loco

Railway Gazette 25 September 2015 POLAND: The Natio­nal Cen­tre for Rese­arch & Deve­lop­ment has awarded Newag a 10·9m złoty grant to support the development of what the company says would... Read more

Towards a Freight-Friendlier Rail System in Europe – MIT Supply Chain Frontiers #58

SMART-Rail partner, Dr. Susana Val from Zaragoza Logistics Center, has published the following article in the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Supply Chain Frontiers #58” “The European Smart-Rail project launched... Read more

Swiss Government funds more maintenance

Railway Gazette – 17 September 2015 SWITZERLAND: Swiss Federal Railways has secured a 15% increase in infrastructure funding from the government for the next three-year performance contract covering 2017-20. Due... Read more