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SMART-RAIL: smart supply chain oriented rail freight services

An European consortium of 19 research and commercial partners aims to improve rail freight services offered to shippers, focusing on reliability, lead time, costs, flexibility and visibility.

The SMART-RAIL project looks at the European rail freight system as a whole, integrating existing and new knowledge that originates from various parts of this system. This integrated knowledge will support collaborations across the European market so that systems can further innovate and optimize their operations.

SMART-RAIL is one of the lighthouse projects of SHIFT2RAIL and contributes to Innovation Programme 5. The SMART-RAIL project is aligned with the objectives of SHIFT2RAIL and will ensure that the results can be used in further research in this programme. SMART-RAIL is funded under the H2020 Programme of the European Commission, was launched on the first of May 2015 and will run until the end of April 2018.

Vision & Objectives

The ideal of the SMART-RAIL consortium is to transform the TEN-T corridors to a European core network which fits the needs and requirements of shippers and service providers...Read more

Partner locations

Partner locations


Facts & Figures

Full name: Smart Supply Chain Oriented Rail Freight Services
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 1 May 2015
Total budget: 6 M€
EC Funding: 6 M€

Partners about

Kristiana ChakarovaKristiana ChakarovaITC
ITC believes that smart solutions are among the ones of the greatest importance for the future development of the railway transport. We want to be part of this promising development! 
Andras VeghAndras VeghCER-Cargo
"We think that beside of the block-train transportation - which is the core business of the private railway undertakings - the wagonload or wagon-group deliveries are also a very important tool more
Mike SturgeonMike SturgeonECG
“We are participating in the SmartRail project in the expectation that it will improve efficiency of rail transport. This is especially important at a time when our industry is experiencing capacity constrains in whole of Europe.”
Oliver MaurelOliver MaurelH-LOG
"H-LOG is proud to be part of the Smart Rail Consortium to promote smart rail transportation in Europe in line with its long-term company strategy to encourage the logistic shift to rail!“
David KrasenskyDavid KrasenskyAbirail
“We are excited to co-develop the innovative concepts of the European railway freight transport – and the data exchange necessary for it to be functional!”
Gino PfisterGino Pfisterecco-raíl
“ecco-rail your private European logistics partner – the ecco group will make you competitive”
Philipp StoebkePhilipp StoebkeTankMatch Rail
TankMatch Rail is striving to find the best rail logistics solution available in the market.The barriers and restrictions in the rail sector are multiple and not easy to more
The sensible idea “freight to rail” suffers in itself from the fact that for many years the required infrastructure was more damaged than expanded. At the same time, the available investment funds are getting lower and lower. Here it is necessary to look with great creativity for solutions which are as affordable as efficient for freight.
Joris TenhagenJoris TenhagenSEACON logistics
Connecting supply chain partners and IT solutions for optimized utilization of freight rail corridor(s)
Maurits van SchuylenburgMaurits van SchuylenburgPort of Rotterdam
“The Port of Rotterdam participates in the Smart Rail Consortium because of the importance of good quality rail connections of the Port of Rotterdam to the European hinterland. Read more...
Olav EidhammerOlav EidhammerTOI
“TOI appreciates being part of the Smart Rail consortium and will contribute to solving challenges in development and implementation of Smart Rail demonstrations and services“.
Susanna ValSusanna ValZLC
“As experts in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, ZLC will provide the vision of railway transport in the context of the whole supply chain as an added value for SMART-RAIL.”
Paul MeliaPaul MeliaRailistics
“As technology brings us closer together, the importance of working in international teams becomes ever more apparent. We are very happy to be included in the Smart-Rail consortium and to have the opportunity to bring new ideas to the rail-sector”
Adriaan Roest CroliusAdriaan Roest CroliusPanteia
“As part of the Smart-Rail consortium, we aim to put in practice sustainable solutions in todays’ rail freight services”
Paul TilanusPaul TilanusTNO
“Customer oriented rail freight services are key to the modal shift towards transport by rail.”
Ernst VerschragenErnst VerschragenUniresearch
“Participating in a complex research and innovation project such as SMART-RAIL with 19 international partners provides Uniresearch with the opportunity to demonstrate our added value both in the management of the project and in telling Europe about our results.”

Project interactions

The Smart-Rail project is aligned with the objectives of SHIFT²RAIL and will ensure that the results can be used in further research in this programme......Read more