Alignment of the value case of involved stakeholders

It is vital to consider the values offered by stakeholders when it comes to implementing the Smart-Rail cooperation model with the aim to enhance the attractiveness of SWL services in order to stop the current negative trend.

In this report the value case of Continuous Improvement Track 1 is described. This includes the analysis of business relations between the different stakeholders involved by describing their specific roles in this CIT and pointing out the manifold interrelations between the actors. Additionally the interests and values delivered by the stakeholders are addressed as well as individual drivers and barriers for realising the cooperation model named and assessed for each stakeholder. Furthermore the power relations of the parties, visualised in a sociogram, are important.

Taking this information into account is crucial, in particular to be able to adjust the SWL cooperation model as early as possible, if needed.

It becomes clear that finding the right balance between drivers and barriers is essential for the successful implementation of the Smart-Rail cooperation model for SWL.