Contact Railway Undertaking

SMART-RAIL aims to improve rail freight services offered to shippers, in terms of reliability, lead time, costs, flexibility and visibility. A part of this project focuses on addressing the needs of shippers who require less than block train services. As such, SMART-RAIL has created a form aimed to act as a neutral platform to put shippers in contact with suitable Railway Undertakings.

The operation of this service focuses on shippers with annual loads of 50,000 to 100,000 tonnes. Many of these do not currently use rail as a transport option and may be unaware of the offer that is available to them.

In order to reach out to these potential users, a simple query form has been created where the basic request can be input. This request will then be checked as to whether it can be served by the existing network. If this is not the case then the opportunity exists to approach further Railway Undertakings with a view to extending the network.

Upon filling in the request form you will be contacted by one of the project partners with an offer within two weeks.

Data that is submitted to the form will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of assessing operational potential. No commercial information will be made available in Smart-Rail publications.

To go to the form please follow this link.