Monitoring and adjustment of measures

The monitoring approach as developed will be used to continuously improve the measures taken on the corridor. Furthermore, additional measures might be implemented in this phase of the project.

The goal of this CIT is to test, implement, evaluate and further develop measures identified by and with stakeholders in an effort to improve the rail service.
Three main measures were identified at the start of this CIT during an interactive workshop with stakeholders in the rail freight sector. In different sessions afterwards and during the course of this CIT, specific measures were identified that fitted within these main measures. It resulted in the following structure of this CIT:
1) Data exchange, data analytics and data use for smart applications in the logistic chain
a. Analysis of performance of rail freight service Rotterdam – Duisburg / Neuss
b. Pilot hub concept RTW terminal Rotterdam
2) More flexible and efficient planning of international train paths
a. Planning and dispatching processes
3) Develop, prepare and use pre-defined alternatives in case of (un)planned disruptions
a. Construction of the Third track – evaluation

Each of the specific measures are described in more detail in the complete report ‘Monitoring and adjustment of measures’.