SMART-RAIL latest news

Smart-Rail article in Research*EU results magazine

The 72nd edition of the  EU publications magazine Research*EU results shines a light on the past 10 years and future of the European rail freight sector. Click the picture if... Read more

Norwegian Smart-Rail workshop

On 20th April 2018, Norwegian Smart-Rail partner TOI (Institute of Transport Economics) organised a Worshop for The Norwegian Railway Directorate, Grocery industry, private railway company, regional public sector, Cargo Net... Read more

Railway Gazette: Partners sougth as SBB Cargo cuts back wagonload

Railway Gazette: 3 april 2018 SWITZERLAND: Discussions with investors and potential business partners are on the summer agenda for SBB Cargo Schweiz as it targets a return to break-even by... Read more

Smart-Rail will conclude project with ‘Shift Freight to Rail’ (18 April 2018)

The Smart Rail consortium will present the Project’s outcome at the  Shift Freight to Rail event planned on Wednesday 18 April in Vienna close to, but not at the TRA... Read more

Railway Gazette: High speed trainset to be converted for freight

Railway Gazette: 6 April 2018: ITALY: National freight operator Mercitalia has revealed plans to convert an ETR500 high speed trainset to carry freight. The Mercitalia Fast service would be aimed... Read more

Railway Gazette: DB Cargo plans digital, low-noise wagon fleet by 2020

Railway Gazette 01 March 2018: GERMANY: The DB Cargo management board has approved a ‘high double-digit million’ programme to fit its entire German wagon fleet with tracking, monitoring and telematics... Read more

Railway Gazette: state aid for freight sidings approved

Railway Gazette 19 February 2018:   FRANCE: The European Commission has approved the granting of €60m of state aid for the construction, renewal or extension of freight sidings. The European... Read more

Railway Gazette: Hupac traffic grows despite the rastatt effect

From Railway Gazette 13 February 2018: EUROPE: Switzerland-based intermodal transport operator Hupac carried 763 101 road consignments by rail in 2017, an increase of 3·5% on the previous year. This... Read more

Railway Gazette: Automatic train operation to be tested on Dutch freight corridor

From Railway Gazette 22 January 2018: NETHERLANDS: Automatic Train Operation is to be tested on the Betuwe Route dedicated freight line this year, following the signing of an agreement between... Read more

Innovative Logistic Control Tower for European rail freight transport showing clear added value

The first operational results of the Logistic Control Tower for long distance rail freight transport show clear improvements of the intermodal supply chain. Thanks to better information customer satisfaction and... Read more