The Institute of Transport and Communications (ITC) provides consultancy services, carries out researches, organizes and manages training programs targeted to sustainable development of the transport sector in the benefit to... Read more


CER Cargo Holding SE is especially active in railway logistic business, has subsidiaries in more countries in CEE region performing independent activities and agencies in more countries as well. The... Read more


Founded in 1997 as the European Car-Transport Group of Interest, ECG (now known as the Association of European Vehicle Logistics) is a non-profit association to promote the interests of the... Read more


Since 2010, H-Log InfoLogistics is a leading provider of logistics information throughout the supply chain. Supply chain needs more and more information to operate globally. The H-LOG group provides solutions... Read more


ABIRAIL CZ s.r.o. has started its history on 1st July 2013. Its mission is to bring “Automation, Business, and Innovation (ABI) for Rail”. Having been founded under the STARMON Group,... Read more


Since 2010, ecco-rail, a 100% private railway company, has been providing logistics solution for forwarding companies and industry clients. The company provides high-quality services helping clients to find the best... Read more


TankMatch Rail Hamburg offers the market the reliable organization of block train operations in Germany and Europe. With our wide knowledge about the transport of dangerous goods and biofuels by... Read more


Founded in 2010, ederlog is supporting companies as well as public authorities in various questions of logistics, investment planning and structural changes. Based on a long years’ experience of the... Read more

SEACON Logistics

Seacon Logistics is the leading logistics service provider in terms of multimodal chain management. The company globally coordinates cargo and information flows and delivers tailor-made, responsible logistics solutions. On the... Read more

Port of Rotterdam

The aim of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port of Rotterdam’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex. The Port of Rotterdam Authority... Read more