ABIRAIL CZ s.r.o. has started its history on 1st July 2013. Its mission is to bring “Automation, Business, and Innovation (ABI) for Rail”. Having been founded under the STARMON Group, the Czech producer of the signaling and diagnostic devices for railway, it is focused onto the area of the railway transport (both passenger and freight), road, city, and waterborne transport; it provides technical consultations, analyses, and information technologies (ICT) and intelligent or innovative technologies. With its partners and technology vendors, on which it strongly relies, ABIRAIL acts also as the system integrator or value added reseller (VAR), stressing the importance of integrating and exploiting the data in the way you need. After two years of activity it counts 10 top-experts (beginning just in two) ready to bring you their extensive expertise in the rail and ICT area.

Country: Czech Republic

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