BD Rail Services

BD rail services is a French rail and multimodal forwarder. BDRS is a young company founded in 2013, taking over activities from a former BD Rail Services company. We provide to shippers either wagonload offer or rail/road transportation with the aim to offer the best combination depending on the product cost and he flexibility needed. We also cooperate in partnership with road hauliers helping to develop the business on our lines.

Main achievements are:

– Building up a new rail/road service between Marseilles and Parma, using Vintimiglia route. This offer running 3 times a week allowed to shift from road to rail around 100 000 tons yearly.

– Awarded by the French Government Agency called ADEME, with ECOPMS project, BD Rail services is now developing a rail/road offer between Marseilles and Lyn/Mulhouse area. This offer allows to transport either wagons or swapbodies.

BD Rail services is part of R&D Concept group,  including Ecomodal as consultancy company, specialized in rail and multimodal and consulting either for shippers, haulers and public authorities.

Main tasks:
BD Rail services will be in particular involved in Living Lab 1 in which they will provide a head start with their experience and results from a project in France, ECOPMS. Also in some other WP’s where they will be active their built up expertise wil be useful input.