CER Cargo Holding SE is especially active in railway logistic business, has subsidiaries in more countries in CEE region performing independent activities and agencies in more countries as well.

The first among them was the Hungarian railway company which was established in 2004. This company has become one of the leading and acknowledged players in the private railway sector of Hungary. As a result of the measures taken in the field of activity and result optimization, a decision was made in 2010 to establish companies outside the territory of Hungary. In accordance with earlier plans, a Slovenian representation office and a bit later a Slovakian company started their operations. In order to be able to organize our future businesses in longer relations, the CER Cargo Holding personal presence had been developed and until 2013 the Romanian and the Croatian branch offices were established too. CER Hungary, CER Slovakia and CER-FERSPED in Romania work as private railway undertakings. In 2014 forwarding company BILK-TRANS Ltd. which manages also container truck transportations joined the CER Group. The group’s transporting capacity neared almost 2,3 million tons of different goods in 2014. The range of transportations includes conventional and dangerous products, (petro-) chemicals, agriculture goods but exceptional deliveries as well.

CER Cargo Holding SE is the managing company of the Group, headquartered in Budapest, in Hungary.

Why CER is in this project
CER Cargo Holding is firmly believes in future’s potential of railway business. We think that beside of the block-train transportation – which is the core business of the private railway undertakings – the wagonload or wagon-group deliveries are also a very important tool in order to keep the position of railway transportation against the road transport. CER welcomes every project whose goal is to find new solutions for this delivery method.

What CER expects:

  • Feasible ideas in respect of increasing of competitiveness of the rail transportation
  • Finding of new potential clients are ready to work by rail
  • Finding of cargo can be target of the project
  • Realistic methods in reference to increasing of utilization of train capacities

Finding feasible solution for private railway companies for wagonload transportation.

Country: Hungary

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