Since 2010, ecco-rail, a 100% private railway company, has been providing logistics solution for forwarding companies and industry clients. The company provides high-quality services helping clients to find the best and most efficient transport options tailored to their needs. Beginning in 2012 ecco-rail has been providing railway transports on its own in Austria and Poland to better cater to their client needs. Strengthened by the customers trust and always providing the services to the client’s satisfaction, ecco-rail was able to grow rapidly and starting in 2015 the company was able to expand its own railway service further to include Germany as well and building a connection between the rail services previously provided in Austria and Germany.

The success of ecco-rail Germany and the industry needs for a good service is imminent by the company’s rapid growth on this market.

Ecco-rail’s full services, support customers throughout each stage of logistics project.

From the inquiry stage, to the actual state analysis, the client’s needs and finding the best and viable solution and implementing it, through a focus on the supply chain.

Country: Austria, Germany, Poland

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