Since 2010, H-Log InfoLogistics is a leading provider of logistics information throughout the supply chain. Supply chain needs more and more information to operate globally. The H-LOG group provides solutions that capture and digitize these pieces of information closer to its creation by the customer ERP or by Supply chain actors, and enrich them at each step: in production, in warehouse, during transportation or distribution, whatever the mode, and then manage the return logistics.

H-LOG develops innovative solutions in the field of cloud computing for logistics. These services are particularly well suited to this sector by providing a high quality of service, safety information and allowing almost instantaneous to a worldwide deployment. In line with the EU SmartRail project , H-LOG is the first contractor of the French ECOPMS Project which supports the re-emergence of rail as an alternative mode of transportation, or Class 2 Railway Undertaking (OFP), which combine loaders, road and rail companies or through the deployment of new rail Class 1 freight companies (as Europorte ECR ..).

Country: France

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