With offices in Wiesbaden, Dessau, and Berlin, Germany and international representations in Bucharest, and Ankara, Railistics is a professional consulting firm providing a wide range of services related to transport policy, transport economies, intermodal transport, railway vehicles, infrastructure and operations.

Railistics integrates legal, technical and economic factors, market requirements, railway systems knowledge and strategic thinking with process-oriented planning and financial responsibility. This “system approach” is responsible for Railistics’ many success stories.

Railistics provides a unique expertise around the restructuring and transition of European Railway and transport markets, in countries such as Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. Business development strategies, legal framework adaptations, institutional body (safety, regulation, investigation) implementations and operational related marketing concepts have been successfully developed.

Railistics works with industries, governments and authorities, shipping agents, private and public train operating companies, manufacturers and the supply industry, infrastructure managers, financial service providers and transit authorities.