SEACON Logistics

Seacon Logistics is the leading logistics service provider in terms of multimodal chain management. The company globally coordinates cargo and information flows and delivers tailor-made, responsible logistics solutions. On the outskirts of Venlo, the multimodal ECT inland terminal connects the port of Rotterdam with the German hinterland by rail and water. The terminal has 4 million consumers within easy reach and is attracting more and more large importers. Seacon Logistics could not have chosen a better location for its operations. The chain manager started in Venlo in 1986, at the same time as ECT, and specialised in overseas forwarding and various niche markets including a strong focus on agro-cargo. At present, Seacon has a global network of logistics partners and 75 agents. Furthermore, the company has 800 employees, more than 200,000 m2 of warehouse space and fifteen strategically located branches in Europe. However, as a family business with three board members, we still manage to keep the lines short and do business in a transparent manner. We are flexible and scalable and adapt to the wishes of the customer, in respect to which quality comes first.

Seacon Logistics offers supply chain solutions all over the world. From its maritime background, the chain manager continuously invests in efficient, clean logistics and, where possible, aims to develop its logistics flows in a multimodal manner. Within Europe, this logistics heavyweight also operates strategic inland locations in Meppel, Born, Milan, Neuss and Duisburg. We have established corridors of rail and shipping connections from the UK, Benelux and Germany to large consumer markets in both Eastern and Southern Europe. Good for customers who want to reduce their CO2 footprint.” Seacon coordinates all the cargo and information flows using its own, modern ICT system Control Tower. “This links the systems of customers and transporters to one another and, thanks to the new BI tool, monitors the KPIs of the various parties, keeps track of turnover figures and makes connections, allowing for efficiency to be introduced throughout the entire chain.”

Country: The Netherlands and Italy

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