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ITC believes that smart solutions are among the ones of the greatest importance for the future development of the railway transport. We want to be part of this promising development!... Read more

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“We think that beside of the block-train transportation – which is the core business of the private railway undertakings – the wagonload or wagon-group deliveries are also a very important... Read more

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“We are participating in the SmartRail project in the expectation that it will improve efficiency of rail transport. This is especially important at a time when our industry is experiencing... Read more

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“H-LOG is proud to be part of the Smart Rail Consortium to promote smart rail transportation in Europe in line with its long-term company strategy to encourage the logistic shift... Read more

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“We are excited to co-develop the innovative concepts of the European railway freight transport – and the data exchange necessary for it to be functional!”

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“ecco-rail your private European logistics partner – the ecco group will make you competitive”

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TankMatch Rail is striving to find the best rail logistics solution available in the market. The barriers and restrictions in the rail sector are multiple and not easy to Read more

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The sensible idea “freight to rail” suffers in itself from the fact that for many years the required infrastructure was more damaged than expanded. At the same time, the available... Read more

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Connecting supply chain partners and IT solutions for optimized utilization of freight rail corridor(s)

Quote Port of Rotterdam

“The Port of Rotterdam participates in the Smart Rail Consortium because of the importance of good quality rail connections of the Port of Rotterdam to the European hinterland. Read more…